The Wedding Expo

Thank you so much for everything you do at the show.  It is really is faultless and such a pleasure working with you and your teams.

The next show will be here faster than we think and I look forward to working with you again.

Jayne Harley

Exhibition Manager

Group 5 Client Function

Tonight Exhibition & Event Services will be printing PVC cards with magnetic backings for the Group 5 Client Function. EES  will be their to work and give an accurate number of all the guest that will be in the venue.  They have re-vamped their offices and transformed it into a party venue. We are sure that the Group 5 clients will party the night away and enjoy their function.

Group 5 Client Function

I would just like to commend the ladies on having done such a sterling job on the Group Five Project. My work has been fairly easy on this job and it is definitely thanks to their hard work and effort!

Helene White
Operations Manager